Quang Ninh province ensures tourists’ health
The northern province of Quang Ninh is taking synchronous and long-term solutions to ensure residents and tourists’ health. So far, no Covid-19 patients have been reported in the province.
Green sea turtle released
16:33 17/09/2019
A fisherman and the related authorities of Hai Ha district, Quang Ninh province, released a green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) into the natural environment on September 16th.
Quang Ninh and Hokkaido boost cooperation
15:38 17/09/2019
Mr. Nguyen Van Thang, alternate member of the 12th PCC, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, led a delegation of Quang Ninh province is paying a working visit to Japan on September 14th - 18th. ​
Uong Bi to effectively tap Yen Trung Lake tourism potential in sustainable way
11:30 14/09/2019
Besides the spiritual tourism sites, Uong Bi City is bestowed with poetic and charming landscapes by nature, becoming an eco-tourism destination that attracts many visitors, notably Yen Trung Lake Tourism Area
Operational effectiveness of Quang Ninh Maritime Administration after renovation
17:12 12/09/2019
Seaport is considered as one of the key economic sectors in the orientation of economic restructuring of Quang Ninh province.
Quang Ninh applies science and technology application in OCOP product quality improvement
16:49 09/09/2019
The application of sciences and technologies in building brands and developing OCOP products since 2010 such as developing production material areas, transferring technological advance, using intellectual property rights, labels, packages, bar-codes, as well as products traceability, has created outstanding results.
Quang Ninh welcomes a new investment wave
17:07 06/09/2019
The northern province of Quang Ninh has welcomed a new investment wave and many investors have poured their capital into big projects thanks to synchronous traffic infrastructure from highways, international airport to sea port, which connect the province with the country’s economic centers, and the transparency in investment procedures and administrative reforms.
Ha Long makes breakthrough in tourism and services
14:44 06/09/2019
In the first 8 months of 2019, Ha Long received nearly 7.5 tourist arrivals and earned more than 14 trillion VND, a year on year increase of 22% and 33% respectively. The result affirms the fact that investing in tourism and services is fruitful.
Dong Trieu town orients to a modern urban
11:31 02/09/2019
In 2015, Dong Trieu was recognized as the urban area level 4 by the Prime Minister. After the recognition, the locality has been upgrading its urban look and expanding the town’s center space. Dong Trieu sets a target of becoming an urban area level 3 by 2020 and a modern city prior to 2030.
Ha Long City ensures the disbursement progress of basic construction capital
11:32 01/09/2019
According to the development planning approved by the Prime Minister, Ha Long City is intended to be an international-class tourism and service center. Thanks to different financial sources, the city priorities the development of urban infrastructure. In 2019, the municipality allocates 2,592 billion VND on projects and construction works.