Under the decision, the Cai Chien tourism area has an area of 15,545 hectares, including 2,556 hectares of land and 12,989 hectares of water surface.

There are 3 natural beaches on Cai Chien Island: Cai Chien, Vung Bau and Dau Rong beaches; of which, Dau Rong Beach which is situated in the east of the island, is assessed to be the most beautiful one.

It is also the place for fresh seafood harvested from the sea, leading to an increasing number of tourists over the past few years.

To serve tourists, local authorities have focused on sanitizing the environment by addressing with waste at residential areas and beaches

At present, dozens of islanders’ families have invested in homestay tourism, providing hundreds of rooms, together with cars and trams serving tourists’ travel./.

Compiled by BTA