Tay ethnic cultural village in Phong Du commune

People who have been living for a long time in Tien Yen district may see typical cultural features looming everywhere in communes of Phong Du, Hai Lang, Dai Duc, Dai Thanh, Yen Than, Ha Lau… Though it is not a festival, it is easy to see San Diu men and women passionately singing “soong co”, Tay people singing “then” and playing “tinh” instrument.

San Diu people in Hai Lang commune make traditional cakes

Every year, traditional festivals organized by ethnic groups in Tien Yen excite everyone, for example, boat racing on Tien Yen River, San Chi ethnic people’s festival associated with rice paddy fields, Dao ethnic group’s sports and cultural festival attached to Ha Lau kermis, Tay ethnic people’s sports and cultural festival reminding people of “going to the field” custom, Dong Dinh temple…

Realizing its potentials and strength, Tien Yen district’s authority has been evoking local people’s pride in their culture. Public servants and pupils are encouraged to wear ethnic traditional costume at offices and schools, 100% of communes and towns to establish folklore culture clubs and open training course on ethnic languages, embroidery, cuisine for young people…

Dao people in Ha Lau commune take part in sports contest

It has recently implemented ethnic cultural village projects. The project of Phong Du ethnic cultural village has been approved and allocated with capital for implementation. Meanwhile 3 ethnic cultural village projects in Hai Lang, Dai Duc and Dai Thanh, and Ha Lau await for approval.

These ethnic cultural villages will be the basis for promoting existing cultural values and restoring lost values./.

CPV/Quang Ninh Newspaper