Many roads in Dong Trieu Town have been upgraded and expanded

With the aim of building and developing Dong Trieu as a gateway urban in the west of Quang Ninh, the town has mobilized and effectively used construction investment sources as well as developed a synchronous infrastructure. It has also gradually made urban plannings and developed urban areas for the period of 2016-2020. Over the last 3 years, total mobilized capital for urban development has reached 3,5 trillion VND, including 900 billion VND from state budget and 1,8 trillion VND from private sector. 

Ha Lan Water Park - a tourist attraction

The town has invested in technical infrastructure construction works, bringing a modern facelift to the locality. Many transportation projects have been completed and put into operation, for example upgrading and expanding Highway 18 (section going through Dong Trieu’s areas), the road connecting Provincial Road 332 with Highway 18, Provincial Road 345 connecting Dong Trieu and Bac Giang Province, roads to Tran Dynasty tombs…Furthermore, Dong Trieu Town is upgrading roads and constructing a bridge from Nguyen Hue Commune to Van Duc Commune, Chi Linh Town (Hai Duong Province). They not only facilitate transportation but also expand urban space, thus contributing to local economic development.

Many wards and communes in Dong Trieu have step by step standardized their infrastructure concerning roads and power grid. Over the last 3 years, the town has completed upgrading 10KV lines to 22KV lines and medium voltage power grid with total investment of over 2621 billion VND, adding more lighting systems along urban routes and densely-populated areas with a total length of 64km. The town is performing procedures to lay lines of electricity, communications and TV cables in Mao Khe, Dong Trieu. 

A corner of Dong Trieu Town

Apart from technical infrastructure, Dong Trieu put a focus on investment in socio-cultural development. As for education and training, 100% of its secondary and high schools have well-equipped high-rise buildings, meeting the demand of teaching and learning. Health care system, especially grass-root health care units, has been developed. Dong Trieu is the first locality in Quang Ninh to have 100% communes and wards recognized meeting national standards concerning health care at communal level.

Ngoa Van Pagoda - a spiritual tourist attraction

Thanks to those achievements, Dong Trieu has made a plan proposing to recognize the town as an urban level 3. The proposal will be submitted to the Provincial People’s Council for approval at year-end meeting and to the Ministry of Construction for consideration in 2020./.