Mong Cai City's Tra Co Tourist National Tourism Site with outstanding potential and strengths

Located in the North Vietnam, Mong Cai City is the unique locality having  land and sea borders with China. The city not only plays an imporant role in polictics, economy, national defense and security, but also has big potential for tourism and services development. Mong Cai is bestowed by nature with famous beautiful landscapes, such as Tra Co Beach, Vinh Thuc Island, mangrove forest etc. With advantages of geographical location, natural resources, infrastructure, services, etc, over the years, the cooperation in tourism development between Mong Cai City and Chinese localities has been given special attention, especially from 2009 until now.

Of which, the border tourism development cooperation between Mong Cai City and Dongxing City, Fengcheng, tourism cooperation agreement between Mong Cai City and Dong Hung City and Jiang Shan resort have been effectively carried out. In addition, seminars, the building and implementation of the cooperation mechanism and management of border tourism activities have been maintained.

Border tourism attracts more tourists

Accordingly, the two sides have alternately organized the annual Vietnam – China Tourism and Trade Fair in Mong Cai City and Dongxing City with a range of interesting activities, such as tourism booth exhibition, tourism seminars, tourism cooperation forums etc. attracting the participation of the crowded number of locals and tourists.

Introduction about Chinese tourism potential at the seminar on the management
and development of tourism products in Sept. 2017 in Ha Long City

Quang Ninh Province is investing in constructing Ha Long – Mong Cai Highway which is expected to be completed in 2020 will create a huge motivation for the comprehensive development, notably in the tourism industry. Quang Ninh Province allowed Mong Cai City to speed up the implementation and extension of  the tourism route  called “2 nations – 4 destinations” to a tourism route “2 nations – 5 cities” including Ha Long – Mong Cai (Vietnam) and Dongxing – Guilin – Manzhouli (China). Along with that, a glass bridge project at Bac Luan Border river connecting with Bac Luan Bridge No.1 which is expected to be built in 2020 will create a new tourism product, therefore boosting the border economic development of the two sides.

With new changes, the tourism development cooperation between the two nations in general and the Tra Co National Tourism Site and localities in China in particular have seen positive breakthroughs, creating a springboard for a strong tourism development in the future./.