The performance at Quang Ninh province (Source:

The event was held by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the northern Quang Ninh provincial People’s Committee to introduce  and promote the values ​​of intangible cultural heritages through folk melodies, folk dances and traditional musical instruments of different regions in association with social life, meeting the demand of cultural enjoyment of the masses.

It drew more than 1,000 artists from 24 Centers of Culture and Arts, and Centers of Culture and Cinema nationwide.

This was also an opportunity for artisans, artists, actors and musicians to learn and exchange experiences with each other in order to further improve the quality and effectiveness of cultural and artistic activities, contributing to preserving and promoting the value ​​of the traditional music of all nationalities in the country.

Especially, performances will be held in Cam Pha and Uong Bi cities for tourists and local people./.


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