A child being vaccinated (Photo: qtv.vn)

The information was released by the Vietnam General Department of Preventive Medicine.

The National Vaccination Management System is developed and synchronously implemented nationwide by the Vietnam General Department of Preventive Medicine to help full-time officials and vaccination management officials at four levels (including central, provincial/municipal, district, and commune/ward levels) in managing the vaccination process and administering vaccinations nationwide in a consistent and uniform manner.

This is a uniform management system to promote management and monitoring of the vaccination process of a person from birth through their whole life, especially children under 5 years old.

With the system, each child will have a code to search their vaccination history, to determine what their next vaccine is or if they have missed any vaccines. Currently, Quang Ninh has implemented codes for nearly 30,000 children under one year old. In addition to Quang Ninh, Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Ho Chi Minh city have partly deployed this system.

This system also has the function of reminding families of vaccination schedules, helping them actively take their children to be vaccinated on schedule and at the proper dosage to reduce time and save travel costs for people. People can directly register for vaccination services on the website http://yteduphongquangninh.com/. After successful registration, people will receive specific vaccination schedules without direct registration at the vaccination room.

Mr. Ninh Van Chu, Head of the Provincial Preventive Medicine Center, said that before the system was put into operation, staff was sent to be trained to use the system on the Internet. By February 2017, the system was officially put into operation, thus helping the centre avoid overload and ensure equality in vaccinations for people.

At the same time, the use of the system will help immunization staff to well manage the use of vaccines and needles monthly, allowing more accurate planning for and reporting of vaccinations, as required./.