A family’s pigs grow well. (Photo: baoquangninh.com.vn)
To effectively carry out poverty reduction models, the association has worked with departments, agencies and localities to develop specific plans and allocate capital for implementation. As members in extremely disadvantaged communes have practiced backward production, the dissemination of agricultural production using high technology has been considered a key solution.

In 2017, the association carried out poverty reduction models among 42 poor and nearly-poor families in Hoanh Bo, Ba Che and Binh Lieu districts, using a capital of over VND855 million, bringing high economic efficiency, increasing people’s income and boosting sustainable poverty reduction.

Notable is the model on afforestation in combination with raising pigs in Dong Quang village, Dong Lam communes in Hoanh Bo district, attracting 14 poor and nearly-poor families. Under the model, 43,750 seedlings, 2,187 kilograms of fertilizer and 58 breeding pigs were distributed, while each family was assisted with VND1 million for building breeding ground, and received breeding and afforestation technologies.

In 2018, an additional 4 models will be carried out for 92 poor and nearly-poor families in extremely disadvantaged communes, contributing to boosting poverty reduction and encouraging farmers to practice commodity production./.

Compiled by BTA