Visitors to the market

To partake in a special market of the locals in the mountainous areas, we felt their vivid life via bustling goods exchanging activity and distinctive cultural colors of Dao, Tay, San Chi ethnic groups…

On our way to the market, we saw Dao Thanh Y ladies in their traditional charming colorful costume.

Ha Lau bi-monthly market is held in Bac Lu - Na Trang hamlet, right at the centrer of the commune, 30 km from the town of Tien Yen, Tien Yen district.

According to Quang Ninh Newspaper, a part from seeing and purchasing locally made products, tourists could also enjoy art performances, receiving gifts and having fun. These particular features are rarely seen in any markets in the whole northeastern province of Quang Ninh.

The market not only sells products but also preserves intangible values of the ethnic groups, so you can enjoy folk activities such as Then singing, leaf trumpet playing, love-exchange singing and folkgames.

The market (Source:

Local residents flocked to the market where they can enjoy exciting cultural, arts and entertainment activities, sharing the passionate aroma of alcohols, and taking a rest after hard-working days. 

Tien Yen specialties such as Nodding cake or Banh Gat Gu in Vietnamese, “khâu nhục” stewed pork dish, Tien Yen chicken, honey, shiitake, vermicelli and hand-made traditional souvenirs of Dao and Tay ethnic groups, are all made available here. You also can feast delicious dishes made from wild ingredients such as fish caught in streams, snails from ravines and grilled chicken, wild bamboo shoots and don’t forget to take a few sips of wild grape wine.

As the sun went down, the market came to an end. Friends said good-bye to each other, farmers returned to their normal working rhythm, bringing along with specialties and good memories. Along with Pac Sui Waterfall, the walking street, Long Vang cape…Ha Lau Market is definitely a promising tourist attraction of Tien Yen./.

Compiled by BTA