The program aims to raise awareness about environmental protection among pupils and guide them to protect the environment through simple actions in daily life; contributing to the movement of creating a green - clean - modern environment in the country.

Mr Eiji Yasuda, Que Vo Factory Manager of CVN said: “Our surroundings are being seriously polluted, not only in urban areas but also in rural ones. Although the amount of rubbish is still smaller in rural areas, there is almost no system to collect and dispose of waste. Therefore, environmental pollution is getting more and more serious, requiring immediate action. Via this program, CVN hopes to send an important message to all of us, especially the youth: we need to take action together in order to protect and build up a green Vietnam and a greener planet generally. This is surely an invaluable gift for future generations”.


Photos: Thu Huyen

By participating in the event, pupils get basic knowledge of real environment situation in Vietnam as well as in the whole world via vivid images and legends. Canon staff also guide pupils protect the environment following 3R - an effective environmental protection activity in the world. 3R is abbreviation of 3 English words meaning Reduce - Reuse - Recycle. Nowadays, 3R is still unfamiliar among pupils. They also joined in two games named “reuse - using used things to make new things, and “rubbish classification”.

Canon Vietnam also gave eight plastic rubbish bins, a laser printer and 350 gift sets (useful living skill books, knowledge book about environment, nature, science, technology and human) to Mai Dinh No.1 primary school in order to serving daily activities and ensure hygiene quality at the school. Besides, the company also presented a laser printer to the People’s Committee of Mai Dinh commune to serve their work.

Later, 50 CVN volunteers, and youth members from Mai Dinh commune and pupils (4th-5th grade) jointly cleaned up and collected rubbish along rural roads and public areas.

As scheduled, in the upcoming time, Canon will cooperate with Bac Ninh province’s Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union to host the same program in Xuan Lai and Tan Lang primary schools in Gia Binh district./.