The program aims to raise awareness about environmental protection among pupils and guide them to protect the environment through simple actions in daily life; contributing to the movement of creating a green - clean - modern environment in the country.

Mr. Ishii, Manager of Facilities & Environment, Que Vo factory, said: "Vietnam has been ranked among the five countries likely to be most affected by climate change, such as droughts, floods, and storm tides. From urban to rural area, the environment is currently facing lot of concerns. Environmental protection is the cause of the whole society, the right as well responsibility of state agencies, organizations, households and individuals”.

Photos: Thuy Huyen
By participating in the event, pupils (3rd, 4th grade) get basic knowledge of real environment situation in Vietnam as well as in the whole world via vivid images and legends.

Canon staffs also guide pupils protect the environment following 3R - an effective environmental protection activity in the world. 3R is abbreviation of 3 English words meaning Reduce - Reuse - Recycle. Nowadays, it is still unfamiliar among Vietnamese pupils. They also joined in two games named “reuse - using used things to make new things, and “rubbish classification”.

Later, some 30 CVN volunteers, 20 youth members from Hoan Son commune and pupils jointly cleaned up and collected rubbish along rural roads and public areas, as well as clean 500 meters sewerage (storm-water, melt-water, rain-water) for school campus.

On this occasion, Canon Vietnam also gave a laser printer, some plants, five plastic rubbish bins and around 500 gift sets to pupils in order to serving daily activities and ensure hygiene quality at school. Besides, the Japanese company presented a laser printer to Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of Hoan Son commune to serve their work.

As scheduled, on December 8th, it will cooperate with Bac Giang province Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union to host the same program in Thuong Lan primary school, Viet Yen district with the participation of nearly 400 pupils and 50 CVN volunteers./.