Pha Le created Super Artist who has super power to fix the environment with a simple paintbrush stroke. Super Artist uses super power to create more trees, defeat the ill forces and create more environmental activists who go around the world to help solving environmental problems and making the earth a beautiful place.

“I thank all those who made submissions. I want them to know their messages including those on environmental degradation, pollution, water quality and eradicating plastic have all been heard. Children are more affected by climate change, by the increasing natural disasters, and they want to be a part of addressing the challenges – of taking action today that protects the planet for their tomorrow”, said Rana Flowers, UNICEF Viet Nam Representative.


The Comic Contest, jointly launched in June this year by UNICEF, Viet Nam Disaster Management Authority and the Young Pioneer Council with support from Artist Le Cat Trong Ly, called on children across Viet Nam to create a superhero that can save the earth and fight against natural disasters and climate change. Over 16,000 submissions were received from girls and boys of different backgrounds including children from ethnic minorities and children with disabilities between 10-15 years old from 40 provinces in Viet Nam.

Well-known comic illustrators and authors from Kim Dong Publishing House formed a jury board who helped identify the 9 best submissions and the final vote was left to the online community following UNICEF on social media to choose among those 9 finalists which one is the winner.

The winner will work in the coming weeks with professional comic artists to transform Super Artists into a real animation video and story book./.

Khac Kien