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In addition, 31 students won the Eiffel Scholarship of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France, and two students from France’s Marguerite Duras Dharma School in Ho Chi Minh city received Excellence Scholarships for students.

On June 27th, the French Embassy will hold sessions in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city to honour students who win scholarships.

Vietnamese students who won scholarships of the French Government and are currently studying in France, and former Vietnamese students who have received the scholarships, will have an opportunity to meet each other and have exchanges with students who have received the scholarships.

French public institutions and the Erasmus program also donated many scholarships to foreign students to support their study in France and Europe. In 2018 more than 400 Vietnamese students received full or partial scholarships to cover their study costs in France.

There were also many other scholarships for Vietnamese students granted by businesses, funds, local French authorities or within the framework of European training programs.

Last year, more than 1,700 students went to France to continue their studies. Currently, More than 7,000 students enrolled in higher education institutions in France; about 3,000 students studied at French University training programs in Vietnam./.

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