These alumni are part of a dynamic network of nearly 60,000 alumni of Australian education in Vietnam. They represent a wealth of knowledge, expertise and influence and are making valuable contributions to Vietnam’s sustainable socio-economic development and strengthening linkages between the two nations.

“Australia’s experience in harmonising economic development and environmental protection really made an impression on me throughout my studies in Australia. I think that Australia’s lessons learned are very helpful to Vietnam to sustain its socio-economic development and I am incorporating these lessons into my work,” shared alumnus Hoang Xuan Thin, researcher of Scientific Technological Centre for Environmental Protection in Transportation.

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“Australia Awards recipients are a remarkable and talented group of Vietnamese scholars. They go through a very challenging and competitive process to win the awards and then must meet the rigorous academic requirements of Australia’s world-class education system with many examples of outstanding performance. However, this is just a part of their success. When they return home, they strive to apply the knowledge, experience and links gained in Australia to help Vietnam realise its aspiration to be a more prosperous, secure and inclusive country,” said Ambassador Craig Chittick.

The Australian Government has a global strategy to mobilise, connect and celebrate Australian alumni and this is represented in Vietnam through the Australian alumni in Vietnam strategy. The network will be strengthened through various social and professional activities such as building professional groups, and organising networking activities, seminars and workshops.

The Australian Government’s commitment continues upon the alumni’s return to Vietnam through support to assist them apply the knowledge and skills to their workplace, community and nation’s development.

Besides, Ambassador Craig Chittick encouraged the alumni to actively participate in the Australian Alumni Small Grants Fund, an initiative to empower alumni to consolidate their professional knowledge and skills and strengthen linkages between Australia and Vietnam, through undertaking applied research, organising training courses and workshops and improving their workplace systems and processes.

The Australian Government, last year, provided nearly AUD500,000 in grants for alumni through the Australian Alumni Small Grants Fund. The 2018 round recently closed and results will be announced later this year./.