The project aims to ensure traffic safety, social orders, and create a beautiful and modern rural road system in five communes/towns of Tan Thanh (Lang Giang district), Luc Nam (Luc Nam district), Danh Thang (Hiep Hoa district), Viet Lap (Tan Yen district) and Hong Thai (Viet Yen district), with the total investment of over VND270 million.

Aiming to bring the light to dark alleys that have not had lighting system, contributing to ensure the traffic safety and to build up countryside more and more civilized and modern, all lights have finished after over one month of construction.

Representatives from Canon Vietnam, Bac Giang provincial Communist Youth Union, Hiep Hoa district People's Committee, and Danh Thang commune cut ribbon to turn on the system. (Photo: Thu Huyen)

Light poles are spaced at 15 meters, 4 meters high, fitted with durable composite material trough pipes and using power-saving compact lights.

Mr Koizumi Masayoshi, representative of Canon Vietnam, said: “We have closely cooperated with Bac Giang provincial Communist Youth Union in this project, a new kind of social activities programs. Together with well-made inter-village concrete road system, these new lights will actively support the theme of “Developing industrial parks with rural development” set by the Government, thus laying a good foundation for sustainable development of the nation and protecting the environment.”

On May 8th, the Japanese company handed around 9 km road in the four villages of Bong Lai commune (Que Vo district), Song Giang commune (Gia Binh district), Tan Lang commune (Luong Tai district) and Ho town (Thuan Thanh district) in neighboring Bac Ninh province.

Some additional 10 km road are going to “turn on” in Phu Khe commune (Cam Khe district, Phu Tho province), Thieu Thinh commune (Thieu Hoa district, Thanh Hoa province), Yen Thang commune (Luc Yen district, Yen Bai province), and Van An ward (Chi Linh town, Hai Duong province).

This year so far, the project has spent over VND660 million to cover 31 km in 13 communes/wards/towns of six beneficiary provinces, hoping to see a better future for the next generations./.