The event is co-organized by the Embassy of Sweden and Swedish companies with the support of Ministries of Education and Training, Science and Technology, Natural Resources and Environment and the Central Committee of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union.

Swedish Ambassador Ann Måwe hails Vietnam's strategic directions to promote innovation. (Photo: M.V)

Speaking at the launch of the competition, the Swedish Ambassador said: “The Swedish society has a long tradition of fostering innovation. Our experience has proven that encouraging innovative ideas from an early age is crucial to the development of businesses and society in general. With youth come optimism, vibrancy and new energy. In order to boost innovation, we should inspire and encourage environments where young people are free and supported to take responsibility to come up with solutions to address development challenges of today and tomorrow.”

Ambassador Måwe also complimented Vietnam's strategic directions to promote innovation while stressing that innovation is a critical factor for the country in progressing and achieving the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs).

She added Vietnam is climbing rapidly in the index scoreboards. In 2018, Vietnam was ranked 42 in the Global Innovation Index, which is an increase of no less than three positions from the previous year. Given the country’s income level and the fact that Vietnam is a quite young economy, this is an exceptionally good result.

By sharing experiences and encouraging good ideas, Sweden and Vietnam can cooperate in the innovation field, benefiting not only Swedes and Vietnamese but also globally.

The theme of this year’s competition will be Goal no 9: Building resilient infrastructure, promoting sustainable industrialization and fostering innovation.

Participants at the event. (Photo: M.V)

Innovate like a Swede is an annual innovation contest for Vietnamese university students with the purpose to encourage creativity and to find innovative solutions for challenges related to the UN sustainability goals set out in the Agenda 2030, faced in a local context. Each year, the contest focuses on a specific SDG.

The jury consists of representatives from participating Swedish companies and a Swedish University. The deadline for submission is November 19th, 2019.

The participants shall apply in teams of two and their contribution will be assessed based on whether the entries are innovative, creative, feasible, sustainable and commercially viable, as well as on what kind of lasting impact they will have.

The grand prize is a trip to Sweden and a visit to witness Swedish innovations at Swedish companies’ headquarters and Uppsala University. The winning team will also, together with the runner ups, be given internship opportunities at Swedish companies in Vietnam.

A representative from Electrolux speaking at the event. (Photo: M.V)

At the launch ceremony, Ms. Kieu Trang, Head of the Marketing Department of Electrolux Vietnam highly hailed the purpose and meaning of the contest. She stressed the contest is in harmony with the philosophy of sustainable development of Electrolux and the group is honorable to accompany with the event.

According to Ms. Pham Thu Thuy, Communications Director of ABB Co., Ltd, the company is very excited to accompany this competition. “Industry 4.0 has great significance to all industries and sectors. ABB's goal is towards activities with a greater impact on education and training, such as orienting the Vietnam’s workforce in the future and bringing practical and sustainable work processes into schools, vocational programs and trainees./.”

A century ago, Sweden was among the poorest nations in Europe. Sweden has a relatively a small population with 10 million people or 0.13% of the global population. Yet today, it is a world leader in innovation.
The long list of innovations made by Sweden include: the zipper, safety matches, drinks cartons, ball bearings, the adjustable wrench, the rear-facing child safety seat, the artificial kidney and more.



Minh Van