Medical Film Days 2019 opens in Hanoi (Source: CPV)

The event has been launched by the Ministry of Health as part of activities to celebrate the 64th Vietnam Physician Day on February 27th.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Health Minister Nguyen Thi Kim Tien highlighted health issues as an attractive and endless topic for artists. Ms. Tien appreciated the efforts of documentary film artists who have created extremely precious image annals on operation history of the Vietnamese health sector, and helped doctors and health workers understand history and continue to inherit and promote the traditions and achievements of previous generations.

A highlight of the event was the exchange with special guest Nguyen Thi Kim Lai, the "small guerrilla" character in the picture of a female Vietnamese soldier holding a gun to oppose a downed American pilot in the resistance war against America;  People’s Artist Nguyen Thuoc, film director, and M.A Hoang Minh Hoan, nurse and head of Intensive Care Department, Bach Mai hospital.

The three guests recounted their memories of the past and shared the thoughts about the profession, the lives of the female nurses who have been and continue to follow the tradition of the previous generations to overcome difficulties and provide healthcare for patients in the best way./.

Compiled by BTA