Mr. Quang and the delegation work with Saint Petersburg side. (Photo: SGGP)

During the meeting with the Ho Chi Minh Institute, the Institute President Kolotov Vladimir Nikolaevich said that the Institute had organized diverse workshops over the past years, including those relating to President Ho Chi Minh’s heritage, attracting many scientists.

Vice Head of the Saint Petersburg External Relations Committee Vyacheslav Gennadyevich Kalganov suggested that Vietnam National University - Ho Chi Minh city bring Vietnamese students to study and do research at the Saint Petersburg State University under the sponsorship of the Saint Petersburg authority.

“This is one of the ways to strengthen the cooperative relationship between Ho Chi Minh city and Saint Petersburg for greater results,” he stressed.

Appreciating the activities of the Ho Chi Minh Institute, especially the research results which help the world have a greater understanding about Vietnam, Mr. Quang said that as a scientific research center, the Institute focuses its research not only on Vietnam, but also regional issues.

He agreed that the sending of Vietnamese students to Saint Petersburg could be carried out after the two sides’ leaders work with each other about the issue.

Later on, the delegation laid a wreath to commemorate President Ho Chi Minh in the Institute./.

Compiled by BTA