The typical examples of Saigon Co.op honoured in 2017

The festivals have been carried out with many contents focusing on teaching revolutionary ideals, traditions, morality and lifestyle for youth staff and members. Thereby, many emulation movements have been promoted, affirming the role of youth in socio-economic development and ensuring social welfare. A typical example who was honoured in 2017, Le Thi Thu Hang, Secretary of Co.opXtra’s office branch, made great efforts in professional knowledge and movements. Since 2015, from the first position of being a marketing worker, she striven to rise to higher positions and is now being trained to be Head of the marketing team of Co.opXtra Su Van Hanh in District 10. She always thought that studying and following Uncle Ho’s teachings is a regular and lifetime work.

Studying and following the ideology, morality and style of President Ho Chi Minh becomes a motivating power for youth to strive to improve themselves both in terms of talent and virtue, contributing to the achievements and prestige of Saigon Co.op.

Huynh Nguyen Ha, Secretary of Saigon Co.op, said in 2010, the co-operative union issued a set of criteria to honour typical examples in studying and following Uncle Ho’s teachings. In 2011, it developed programs “Young - Good d Dedicated Saigon Co.op staff”.

From the above movements, models and solutions, so far, more than 900 young people of Saigon Co.op with excellent work in various fields were honoured, including 580 following Uncle Ho’s teachings and more than 180 winning the “Young - Good - Dedicated Saigon Co.op staff” title./.