Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Nguyen Phuong Nga spoke at the ceremony (Source: CPV)

Approximately 400 fellows have received PhDs, and over 130 fellows have received their Master’s degrees. More than 50% of the fellows have received a degree in computer science and engineering.


The US Embassy in Vietnam and VEF on September 13th hosted a legacy ceremony to review VEF program in Vietnam.

VEF was created by the US Congress in 2000 under the Vietnam Education Act as an independent US federal agency to establish an international fellowship program that would allow Vietnamese citizens to undertake graduate level studies in the STEMM field or pursue professional development at universities in the US.

The VEF fellowship program encourages the development of science and technology in Vietnam, as well as to build a stronger bilateral relationship to serve the interests of both countries. In accordance with its legislative mandate, VEF will permanently sunset on December 31st, 2018.

Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Nguyen Phuong Nga reinstated the Vietnam-US cooperation in which the two countries have obtained many achievements in different fields.

She congratulated VEF for its achievements over the past time and thanked VEF for its contribution to Vietnam’s education and training.

Ms Nga also expressed her hope that VEF Vietnamese students and scholars will continue to contribute to nation’s socio- economic development./.

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