The working session (Photo provided by Vietnam Embassy in Mongolia)
At the meeting, Ambassador Doan Thi Huong said that Vietnam has developed traditional medicine and gained many successes in prevention and treatment. The system of traditional medicine examination and treatment is arranged from the central to local levels. Besides the traditional medicine hospitals at the central and provincial levels, there are also traditional medicine departments at general hospitals from the central level to district level. Many units at commune level also provide examination and treatment with traditional medicine. Vietnam has many valuable medicines and experienced traditional medicine physicians. Mongolia also has abundant herbal sources. Therefore, the two sides have many advantages in promoting cooperation in traditional medicine.

Over the past years, Vietnam’s Ministry of Science and Technology has been cooperating with Mongolia’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports to consider and support funding for implementing joint research projects on research on chemistry and biological effects of some traditional medicines of Vietnam and Mongolia to create functional products. Mrs. Huong proposed Minister Sarangerel Daavaajantsan follow the cooperation so that the project can be implemented effectively soon.

In 2019, Vietnam will organize an exhibition on Vietnam, its lands and people, and outstanding products of Vietnamese medicine to mark the 65th founding anniversary of Vietnam – Mongolia diplomatic ties. Ambassador Huong hoped that the Mongolia Ministry of Health will coordinate to introduce medical products of the two countries.

Mongolian Minister of Health Sarangerel Daavaajantsan said that Mongolia and Vietnam health sectors have cooperated to sign two Memorandums of Understanding.  Especially, Vietnamese enterprises have invested in Mongolia to build a functional food factory extracting Mori horse bone powder. This is the first step and a premise for cooperation in the health sector between the healthcare of the two sides.

Mongolian Minister pledged to work closely with Vietnam Embassy to successfully organize exhibition on Vietnam's medical sector and Mongolia. At the same time, the Ministry of Health will coordinate with the other ministries to promote the implementation of the Traditional Medicine Project between Vietnam and Mongolia soon./.

Compiled by BTA