Prof. Mai Trong Nhuan (M) in an introduction about Hanoi Forum 2018 (Photo:

Talking in a meeting on November 7th about the “Hanoi Forum 2018 - Towards sustainable development” which is being held from November 8th-11th, Prof. Nhuan said that the forum looks towards sustainable development by responding to climate change to ensure sustainability and security.

According to Mr. Nhuan, Vietnam can be considered one of the pioneers in training and researching climate change response in connection with sustainable development, not only regionally but also globally, of which research and training activities at the Vietnam National University, VNU-Hanoi, are among outstanding examples.

“It is the first foundation in Asia developing master in climate change,” he said. “With Vietnam’s demand to both respond to climate change and boost development, the Vietnam - Japan University under the VNU-Hanoi, has opened a master training program of climate change in connection with development, continuing to be the first in Asia offering a master program in this major.”

He added that VNU-Hanoi is also the first place in Asia to run a master program on non-traditional security administration; and the first in Southeast Asia to develop the master program on sustainable science./.

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