• Social Affairs  

Primary pupils presented with 50,000 books
The Ho Chi Minh city Department of Education and Training and the Hansae Yes24 Foundation have recently announced a program to present 10,000 books each year to primary schools in the city.
Da Nang city builds flood resistant houses for poor women
17:28 17/05/2017
As many as 166 poor women in Da Nang city will be supported with building and repairing houses that are capable of preventing floods.
Ho Chi Minh city: Residents benefit from welfare constructions
17:27 17/05/2017
Residents in Ho Chi Minh city benefit from public constructions, including investment in roads and upgrading of canals.
Hanoi gives over VND400 billion support for revolutionary contributors’ housing
17:24 17/05/2017
To mark the 70th Day for Wounded Soldiers and Martyrs (July 27th), Hanoi has given support worth VND402 billion to build and repair houses for 7,566 revolutionary contributors.
Ho Chi Minh city presents medical insurance cards to poor
17:23 17/05/2017
Since 2006, the Ho Chi Minh city Red Cross has presented over 30,000 medical insurance cards to poor people and those in remote areas, assisting tens of thousands of poor people to get medical check-ups and treatment.
Diverse institutions to be built in export processing and industrial zones
16:16 16/05/2017
The Prime Minister has adopted a project on investing in building institutions of trade unions in export processing and industrial zones.
Festival on reading and following Uncle Ho’s example launched
16:12 16/05/2017
The festival on reading and studying great Uncle Ho’s example is expected to be held on May 19th at the Ho Chi Minh Museum.
Studying Uncle Ho's example through digital library
16:41 15/05/2017
Over the past years, there have been diverse changes in the access of books, of which digitizing and the use of digitized documents has been said to be the future of document dissemination.
Over VND30 billion to protect vulnerable children
16:37 15/05/2017
Save the Children International (SCI) has recently worked with the Ho Chi Minh city Department of Labor, War-Invalids and Social Affairs to debut a project titled “Friendly school - Protecting vulnerable children” for the second phase in the city, using over VND30.8 billion.
Ho Chi Minh city launches dengue and Zika virus prevention campaign
16:35 15/05/2017
The Ho Chi Minh city Department of Health has launched a campaign to prevent dengue and Zika virus, and respond to the 7th ASEAN Dengue Day.