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Talk seeks ways to prevent bad public comments on women
(CPV) - Six speakers during a talk on public comments on women held by the Center for Studies and Applied Sciences in Gender, Family, Women and Adolescents (CSAGA) on January 19th, suggested that different efforts should be made to prevent bad public comments which may lead to hurt for women.
Ho Chi Minh City marks Cambodia’s victory over genocidal regime
15:57 06/01/2018
The 39th anniversary of Cambodia’s victory over the Pol Pot genocidal regime was marked in Ho Chi Minh City on January 5th.
Traffic safety year launched
22:50 04/01/2018
The National Traffic Safety Committee on January 3rd, in collaboration with the Hanoi People’s Committee, launched a send-off ceremony on traffic safety in 2018 and a campaign to ensure traffic safety during the upcoming lunar New Year festival.
Tet for poor and AO victims to be launched
22:47 04/01/2018
The Vietnam Red Cross (VRC) will organize an art performance titled “Humanitarian strength” on January 7th in Hanoi to launch the movement “Tet for the poor and AO victims”, in an attempt to mobilize at least two million presents for poor families, beneficiaries and AO victims during the lunar New Year festival.
Campaign on food safety inspection opens before Tet
22:46 04/01/2018
Together with the central level, diverse provinces and cities have established delegations to inspect food safety during the upcoming lunar New Year festival and the 2018 Spring festival.
Ho Chi Minh city mobilizes over VND450 billion to care for poor
22:45 04/01/2018
Since 2014, Ho Chi Minh city has mobilized over VND450 billion for the fund for the poor, built and repaired 3,133 houses, allocated over 100,000 scholarships and vehicles to schools, and given loans and medical insurance to the poor.
Ninh Thuan province cares for ethnic minority people
10:30 04/01/2018
The central province of Ninh Thuan has carried out a wide range of solutions boosting socio-economic development among ethnic minority people, in order to improve their material and spiritual lives.
Painter wholeheartedly works for community
10:29 04/01/2018
Despite his age of 67, painter Truong Han Minh from Ho Chi Minh city, a member of the Standing Board of the Literature and Arts Association of Vietnamese Ethnic Minorities, has been awarded with the third-class Labor Order for his contributions to ethnic minority communities.
Nearly 4,500 collectives and individuals honoured for following Uncle Ho’s example
10:28 04/01/2018
Nearly 4,500 collectives and individuals who are outstanding followers of Uncle Ho’s example were honoured by trade unions in Ho Chi Minh city in 2017.
Six delegations set up to check food safety
18:22 02/01/2018
The Central Interdisciplinary Steering Committee on food safety will establish six delegations to check food safety across 12 localities, the Food Safety Department under the Ministry of Health has reported.