Ben xe Mien Dong (East Coach Station) is the largest one in Southern hub Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. 

According to telegram 1882/CD-TTg dated December 8th, 2017 of the Prime Minister, to ensure traffic safety and social order during traditional lunar new year and Spring festival 2018, the NTSC provides the following hotlines: 0913432383, 0915869900, 0917908085, 0962665953, 0964045445, 0977497891, 0166623357 for the operation of bus/railway stations, and inland waterways ports; 0868911911, 0989088719, 0941329634, 0936198387 for traffic accidents and general operation of traffic system; and 069 234 2608 for the Traffic Police General Department (TPGD) under the Ministry of Public Security.

Traditional lunar new year is the most important festival and public holiday in Vietnam. This year, it falls on February 16th (Friday)./.