Overview at the meeting with voters in Co To district (Photo: baoquangninh.com.vn)

At the meeting, Ms. Do Thi Lan emphasized from October 20th to November 20th, 2016, the 14th NA would consider to adopt four draft laws and a draft resolutions; discuss 14 draft laws; question-and-answer questions as well as consider and evaluate a number of other important issues related to the results of the socio-economic plan implementation and state budget in 2016; decide socio-economic development plan, state budget estimation and state budget allocation plans in 2017; target and orientations for mobilization, use of loans and public debt management in the 2016-2020 period.

At the meeting, voters in Co To district expressed their pleasure before the strong development of the country and the province and believed that the 2nd session of the 14th NA would continue to giving out solutions to help the country develop rapidly and sustainably.

The voters in Co To district also proposed the 14th NA many important issues related to strengthen the fight against corruption; continue to prioritize investment in socio-economic infrastructure development in border areas, islands and have effective solutions to protect the environment, especially the marine and island environment.

Ms. Do Thi Lan directly answered the proposals of the voters. For proposals under the jurisdiction of the locality, she requested Co To district to focus to resolve in the shortest time. The proposals under the competence of the NA, she recorded and would report to the NA at the incoming session.

On the same day, Ms. Do Thi Lan also met voters in Van Don district. At the meeting, the voters in the district petitioned issues relating to social insurance regime, compensation adjustment, site clearance; projects behind schedule affecting life of the local people and strengthen the fight against corruption and wastefulness.

Ms. Do Thi Lan thanked the voters for their ideas and emphasized that the provincial NA deputy delegation would collect and report them to the NA at the incoming session./.

BTA (According to 12th Congress)