Art performance at the ceremony (Photo: CPV)
Addressing the ceremony, Nguyen Van Binh, Politburo member, Secretary of the Party Central Committee (PCC), Head of the PCC Commission on Economics and Head of the Northwestern Steering Committee, said that the northwestern region had made great contribution to the resistance wars for national liberation and protection. The region has recognized and reported 7,280 Vietnamese heroic mothers, nearly 172,000 martyrs, over 123,000 wounded soldiers and those enjoying policies for wounded soldiers, nearly 45,000 sick former soldiers, and thousands of war resistance activists.

He noted that when he was alive, President Ho Chi Minh always expressed love for wounded soldiers and martyrs’ families. Seventy years ago, in a letter to the organizing committee of the national wounded soldiers’ day, he advised the nation and people to assist the heroes.

Realizing President Ho Chi Minh’s teachings, the Party, State and people always remember the great merit of Vietnamese heroic mothers, beneficiaries’ families, martyrs’ relatives and revolutionary contributors. Over the past years, care for wounded soldiers, martyrs’ families and revolutionary contributors have become the responsibility of agencies, organizations and the whole people.

Mr. Binh urged Ministries and localities to continue to complete policies for revolutionary contributors, and carry out payment of gratitude movements widely among all classes of people, localities and agencies.

During the ceremony, leaders and former leaders of the Party and State presented gifts and honored Vietnamese heroic mothers, martyrs’ families and wounded soldiers./.

Compiled by BTA