Mr. Vo Van Thuong speaking at the conference (Photo:

90 years ago, the meeting on establishing the Party, which was organized from February 3 - 7, 1930, chaired by comrade Nguyen Ai Quoc, decided to publish a common theory magazine for the whole Party, and three newspapers in three regions. Implementing that decision, the Red Magazine, whose founder and first editor was comrade Nguyen Ai Quoc, issued the first edition on August 5, 1930.

Since its first edition 90 years ago, although the name of the review has changed from time to time, in terms of the content, the Communist Review has always been the Party's political theory review.

Through the development process, the Party's theoretical magazine has constantly developed, making positive contributions to the application and development of Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh's thought into the communications and education of politics, ideology, theoretical education of the Party.

Speaking at the conference, Mr. Vo Van Thuong, Politburo member, Secretary of the Party Central Committee and Head of the Party Central Committee Commission for Popularization and Education, sent greetings and congratulations to all researchers, reporters, editors and collaborators of the Communist Review over periods.

He emphasized that over the 90 years of establishment and development, despite experiencing different historical circumstances, with many names in different periods, the Communist Review has always maintained the position as a leading flag of the Party’s thought and theory; always associated with the leading role of the Communist Party of Vietnam and accompanies the glorious revolutionary cause of the nation.

“The workshop is an opportunity to look back on a 90-year history and more importantly to look at the depth of all aspects of the work to draw valuable lessons, propose innovations and improve the quality of the review, and meet the requirements of the tasks in the new period,” Mr. Vo Van Thuong said.

The event was organized to evaluate the results, as well as the limitations and shortcomings, clearly identify the opportunities, advantages, difficulties and challenges of the review at present and in the future. On that basis, there will be proposals and recommendations for the Communist Review to continue to make new developments. At the workshop, presentations summarized valuable lessons over the 90-year history of building and development of the Communist Review; affirmed the role and position of the Communist Review as the political theoretical body of the Central Executive Committee; to be the leading flag of the Party’s ideology and theory founded and led by President Ho Chi Minh, who was the first Editor-in-chief. Over the periods, many General Secretaries have been, concurrently or otherwise, Editor-in-chief, and regardless of circumstances, the review has been steadfast, upholding the principle, purpose and identity of a political and theoretical review.

Many presentations have analyzed the theory, politics, fighting and persuasiveness of publications, columns and articles; clarify the advantages, opportunities and difficulties, challenges of the Communist Review in implementing its functions and tasks in the new period; big relations need to be dealt with during the innovation process and development of the review.

On this occasion, 39 individuals and collaborators were presented campaign medals for their positive contributions to the cause of building and developing the Communist Review./.