The wonderful beauty of Mon Beach, part of Dien Cape

As part of Truong Son Mountain Range by the sea, Dien Cape is also known as Dai Lanh Cape.

The road to Dien Cape is considered one of the most beautiful coastal roads with mountains on one side and a series of beaches on the other.

The group of Dien Cape tourism site includes 3 destinations: Mon Beach, Dai Lanh lighthouse and Rang Dong Cape.
The Dai Lanh lighthouse, built in late 19th century, is 110 metres high to the sea level and can light up to 27 nautical miles. This is one of 45 national maritime lights which are crucial in adjusting vessels’ directions.

A close view of Mon Beach with a flow of stream from mountains

Rang Dong Cape is a highlight of the scenery.

Imposing scenery is created by various huge rocks.

Youngsters’ favourite destination for photographing

Stops for tourists’ short stay

Dai Lanh Cape is recognized the place receiving  the first sunrise view on the mainland of Vietnam.

It has become a very attractive destination for tourists to camp overnight.

BTA (Photos: NDO)