A family in Dong Nai earns high profit from planting vegetables in net houses thanks to preferential loan. (Photo: VNA)

According to Mr. Phan Trong Huu, Deputy Head of the Committee, Dong Nai province has a large number of ethnic minority people. Earlier, a high poverty reduction rate was reported among the ethnic minority community. In 2015, as the province increased the poverty standard at those who earn below VND1 million per month in rural areas and below VND1.2 million in urban areas, the whole province had over 3,000 poor and nearly-poor ethnic minority families. So far, the number has been reduced to just over 1,400.

Diverse solutions, including giving vocational training, housing and production support, as well as the development of agricultural industries and preferential loans to poor and nearly-poor families, have been realized to boost sustainable poverty reduction among ethnic minorities.

Statistics from the provincial Bank for Social Policies show that each year, the bank provides loans worth some VND30 billion to nearly 1,000 poor and nearly-poor ethnic minority families. Thanks to vocational training courses, the loans have been spent efficiently on plantation and breeding production which brings high economic value. As a result, over 98% of the loans have been paid on schedule.

Ongoing poverty reduction programs will continue to be realized in the province, while dissemination will be increased to help ethnic minority people have access to State preferential policies, thus further enhancing the efficiency of poverty reduction.

There are currently 11,000 poor and nearly-poor families in the province, a reduction of 50% compared to early 2015, the provincial Poverty Reduction Steering Committee has revealed./.

Compiled by BTA