Plogging is becoming a trend among young people

This group is expected to be the first ploggers in Vietnam. Besides the encouragement for fitness activities, this event aims to raise awareness of citizens about plastics usage.

What does “Plogging” really mean? This word is combination of “jogging” and “picking” popularly practiced by Swedish exercisers. They feel not right seeing cans, bottles on their route but not picking up while jogging. Thanks to social media, this “rubbish way to get fit” has spread out to other countries in Europe and making its way to U.S and Thailand.
In his message to the participants of the event, Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam Pereric Högberg stressed that “It is a brilliant idea to organize the first plogging in Hanoi. As a committed runner, I have always picked up trash along my running path for about 30 years”

“What a nice action to keep the sidewalks and public areas clean and tidy for your children, your neighbors or the ones who jog or walk after you and to make Hanoi a better living place for all,” he added.

After plogging, the group will have typical FIKA - Swedish traditional tea-break, sharing their experiences the first time plogging, discussing about plastics and hearing some tips to live with zero waste, figuring out the best way for plastics use.

“Plogging is an outdoor fitness activity and will occur frequently. We wish to inspire other groups to have other ploggers from this very first event. Plogging is very easily to be done in school campus, residential area, or in a park”, Phuong Anh, a Sweden alumni said.

“All you need to do is creating an event on Facebook, invite your friends and start plogging”, Phuong Anh added./.