At a press conference on March 14th, General Director of the Malaysian Immigration Department Mustafar Ali said that among the women arrested in the Ops Gegar campaign, there were six Kazakh, five Vietnamese, four Thai, four Indonesian, three Chinese, three Mongolian, two Russian and one Turkish. These people were arrested while conducting prostitution activities on the 4th and 5th floors of the hotel.

According to Mr. Mustafar, five local men in charge of operating, supervising and buying sex were also detained.

"In order to avoid being detected by authorities, the 4th and 5th floors had been tightly protected with a security camera system," he said.

The police seized MYR89,550 in cash, which was allegedly collected from these women’s prostitution activities. In addition, they also seized MYR64,950, HKD66,360, SGD42, IDR2,000, VND120,000 and MNT140.

Initial investigation showed that these women had entered Malaysia by tourist visas.

"The captured women are identified as undocumented, having stayed in Malaysia for travel delays and are in violation of the Malaysian Immigration Law," Mr. Mustafar said.

The women were taken to the Bukit Jalil detention centre for further investigation./.