Teachers of the Don Dac primary and secondary boarding school instruct pupils on how to raise bees. (Photo: baoquangninh.com.vn)

In the Don Dac primary and secondary boarding school, teachers have combined teaching with practising by developing plantation and breeding model since early this year. As a result, over 200 pigs, chickens and poultry; 22 bee nests, a fishing pond, and 200 fruit trees have been cared for.

Luong Van Khang, the school head-master, said that to carry out the model, the school had been provided advice from professional agricultural and breeding cadres. “It aims to help pupils apply theories into reality, and practice their living skills,” he said. “Additionally, the products provide better nutrition for the pupils while raising funds for assisting disadvantaged pupils.”

Being one of the eight collectives receiving the Vietnamese Women Award in 2017, the Ba Che district Women’s Union has carried out creative activities in studying and following Uncle Ho’s example. To help local ethnic minority residents practice environmental protection, the union has disseminated information, and worked with them in protecting the environment, developing a habit in the protection. So far, the environmental protection model has been expanded across 17 villages in the district.

Agencies and localities have identified breakthrough solutions to make remarkable change in studying and following Uncle Ho’s example, addressing arising problems relating to socio-economic development, the building of new style rural areas, forest management and protection, the improvement of investment environment, and administrative reform.

Meanwhile, exchanges on the implementation of President Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, morality and style have regularly been organized to deepen the contents of the Directive, making the implementation become a driving force for promoting local political missions./.

Compiled by BTA