Of the capital, over VND32 billion came from the central budget, over VND45.4 billion from the Vietnam Bank for Social Policies, and over VND18 billion from local budget.

The assistance aimed to realise the Prime Minister’s decision on providing residential, production land and safe water support to poor ethnic minority and poor families in extremely disadvantaged villages and communes across the province.

According to the provincial Ethnic Minorities Board, 370 families were provided with 6.2 hectares of residential land; 413 others with 221.5 hectares of production land, using a capital of over VND7 billion.

In addition, nearly VND69 billion was disbursed to give animal husbandry support to 4,066 families for 3,614 cows, 16 buffaloes, 1,345 goats, 899 pigs and repairs of 39 breeding facilities.

Support was also provided to buy agricultural production tools for 395 families, and build wells and water containers to 6,442 others./.

Compiled by BTA