The hand-washing sink placed in Ha Tinh city (Photo:  

The hand washing sink, worth VND50 million, is installed in the largest market in Ha Tinh city, to serve daily demand of people and small traders, contributing to limit risks of infecting with COVID-19.

“In the market, there are a lot of people, while the pandemic is developing complicatedly. The installation of the sink aims to support people in preventing and controlling the pandemic. This is one of the new and innovative models of the youth in the peak time of COVID-19 prevention. In addition, in recent time, the youth union at levels have mobilized 350 families to postpone weddings”, said Mr. Le Thanh Dong, Secretary of the provincial Youth Union.

Over the past time, more than 4,000 youth union members in Ha Tinh province have actively supported cooking and cleaning in the isolated area free of charge. Apart from that, the youth unions at grassroots level delegation have created many practical models, contributing to joint efforts to prevent the epidemic such as exchanging scrap for face mask, invention of disinfection chamber, sewing masks for free of charge, making face shield, making dried hand washing liquid.

Besides, the provincial Youth Union has also mobilized socialization resources for COVID-19 prevention and control. As the result, the provincial Youth Union has presented medical products, worth nearly VND2 billion to prevent the pandemic, including: three CloraminB disinfection chambers, 17,000 face shields, 6,500 face masks, and 2,000 bottles of hand sanitizer liquid./.