Residents comfortably walk on a pavement in District 1. (Photo: CPV)
Under the decree, the city Party Committee asked Party Executive Committees, Party organizations, authorities, departments, agencies, the Fatherland Front and socio-political organizations to increase the education of laws, encourage cadres, Party members, officials, workers, laborers, students, pupils and people to enhance their awareness and responsibility in obeying laws, contributing to developing urban order and civilization, practising cultural lifestyle, not littering on roads, not encroaching roads and pavements for inadequate trading, and realizing well road traffic law.

Urban management officers were asked to raise high their sense of responsibility in realizing their missions, while good acts will be praised and bad acts will be strictly punished.

The decree clearly noted that heads of Party Executive Committees and authorities are the ones who bear the highest responsibility in ensuring urban order.

Besides, the city People’s Committee will direct Departments and District People’s Committees to establish interdisciplinary delegations to regularly inspect the management of urban order, increase the management of goods and passenger transport in urban areas; realizing regulations on management and use of roads and pavements; issue a list of roads where fee collection for public parking lots is allowed in parts of the roads; and study the application of information and technology to manage complex areas.

The city Public Security was requested to inspect and address illegal car parking and traffic congestion. In addition, agencies, schools and medical foundations will have to work with local authorities to carry out solutions on ensuring traffic safety in front of their gates; allocate vehicles to pick up staff and pupils; and arrange parking lots to serve people.

The decree requested the Standing Boards of district Party Committees to reach a consensus about resettling urban order, arousing agreement from people, and creating positive change and support for establishing urban order while rearranging markets. In addition, a study about the building of multi-storey parking lots is required.

It also stated that the city Fatherland Front and socio-political organizations must promote their role in social feedback and their responsibility in inspecting agencies carrying out urban order measures.

On March 11th, the city Party Committee held a meeting to carry out its urban management measures. Accordingly, it aimed to mobilize the whole political system in ensuring urban order.

Over the recent days, Ho Chi Minh city’s district 1 has drastically carried out measures on urban order, including the building of 9 advanced roads. Since mid-January, the district has rearranged order across 45 key roads, leveling fines for nearly 1,200 violations of road use and environmental protection rules, with fines amount to nearly VND700 million./.

Compiled by BTA