Young residents in Ho Chi Minh city collect waste. (Photo: VNA)
Accordingly, the event, starting from April 15th, will last until June 5th.

The city is disseminating information about economical use of water, protection of water and living environment; instructing farmers, agricultural production areas and trade villages on how to use safe water and protect environmental hygiene during agricultural production; educating residents about clean production and prevention of food poisoning; carrying out measures to treat breeding and production waste for environment friendly agricultural production; and raising communities’ awareness of wisely using water resources, preventing water pollution and exhaustion.

In addition, diverse activities will be held to respond to the events, including launching Sunday campaigns in which residential areas clean up the environment; the movement encouraging people to cook and eat hygienically, save and protect water resources; and encouraging people to build, repair and use hygienic restrooms.

The city residents are also asked to collect and treat plant protection chemical wrappings, carry out solutions on reducing, reusing and recycling in production and consumption, classifying waste, and planting trees./.

Compiled by BTA