The garden on Truong Sa Dong provides a wide range of vegetables.

The vegetables are planted by young soldiers to satisfy daily demand.

Soldiers care for the vegetables.

Pigs are raised on Truong Sa Dong Island.

Soil for vegetables is transported from the mainland. Vegetables are planted in portable box made from construction materials so that they can be moved depending on the weather conditions.

Despite harsh climate condition, the vegetables grow strongly.

Leaves are bigger than hands.

Rows of well grown vegetables

Senior lieutenant Nguyen Van Truong on Nui Le Island cares for a flock of 30 poultry.

A flock of poultry on Nui Le Island

Sweat at work

A vegetable garden on Tien Nu Island is designed professionally.

Besides vegetables, flowers also bloom.

Vegetables help soldiers improve their living standards.

BTA (Photo: VGP)