(Photo: Gaia)

Every minute, the Earth loses an area of forest equal to 40 football fields. The rapid decline in the area and quality of watershed forests is causing serious consequences, directly affecting human health and life. Due to deforestation, extreme weather events, the consequences of climate change are becoming more and more complicated, hard to control and seriously impact on people's lives.

Frequent floods in the central region, flash floods in the north, saline drought in the Mekong Delta, and air pollution in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city are just some of the impacts that we have to suffer.

The United Nations has chosen May 22nd every year as the International Day for Biological Diversity with the goal of raising public awareness about biodiversity. The International Day for Biological Diversity this year with the theme "Our solutions are available in nature". This message calls for people to live in harmony with nature, apply nature-based solutions to create positive change, contributing to the protection of nature, biodiversity and sustainable development.

On this occasion, a campaign entitled "Post a photo, plant forest" is also launched. When a tree photo is posted on social networks, Kenli Investment Joint Stock Company will donate a fund to plant a square meter of forest in Ben En National Park.

This campaign not only help recover 50,000m2 of degraded forest in Ben En National Park but also educate the public about the responsibility toward forest protection. The program will take place in a month, from May 22nd.

“It’s high time for us to restore degraded watershed forests to enhance values of the ecosystems and for the benefit of our lives. Gaia expect that each individual will take action by planting trees or take part in the campaign entitled "Post a photo, plant forest",” said Ms. Do Thi Thanh Huyen, Founder and Executive Director of Gaia, who has over 20 years of experience in nature conservation.

Since yearly year, despite being affected by COVID-19, Gaia has planted about 7,000 large timber trees and restored nearly 100,000 square meters of watershed forests in Ben En National Park and Xuan Lien Nature Reserve of Thanh Hoa province./.

Bich Lien