Weapons used in the incident (Photo: VNA)

They include 20 on the charge of murder and two on resisting on-duty officials.

Besides, the police are also detaining four others for resisting on-duty officials and murder.

On January 9th, they issued a decision to start legal procedures against the case with the three charges of “murder”, “illegally storing and using weapons” and “resisting on-duty officials”.

The incident erupted in the morning of January 9th in Dong Tam commune, where some units of the Ministry of National Defence and competent forces are building protective walls around Dong Tam commune as planned.

A number of rioters, armed with grenades, petrol bombs and other weapons, attacked those working at the construction site, the ministry said.

Three police officers and one rioter were killed during the incident, while another rioter was injured.

The ministry said relevant units arrested the serious law violators for punishment in line with the law./.