Training courses on caring for crops and animals are regularly organized to help ethnic minority people. (Photo: VNA)

Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Le Van Binh said that the province would mobilise investment supporting socio-economic development in extremely disadvantaged localities, focusing on the power system, roads, schools, medical stations, water supply and environmental protection. “An increase in changing crops and breeding structures to be adaptable with climate change will also be a priority,” he added.

Suitable solutions for sustainable poverty reduction are expected to be expanded in 2018, aiming to reduce the poverty rate by 1.5% and the number of poor districts and extremely disadvantaged communes by 4%.

In 2017, over VND47.5 billion was earmarked to be invested in production, shifting crop structure, rural traffic infrastructure, irrigation works, and educational and medical foundations in poor districts, extremely disadvantaged and ethnic minority-inhabited communes.

To help poor, nearly-poor and ethnic minority families expand production and get jobs, the province gave loans worth over VND90 billion to 3,639 families. Additionally, VND5 billion was also spent providing vocational training for rural labourers, including those from poor and ethnic minority families.

Favourable conditions were created for poor families to gain access to social services such as healthcare, education, power, water and information. The province allocated 190,064 medical insurance cards to poor, nearly-poor and ethnic minority people, using VND128.8 billion; and put forth VND14 billion to build and repair 375 houses supporting poor and beneficiaries’ families.

Meanwhile, the provincial fund for the poor mobilized nearly VND18.9 billion, which was used to help hundreds of highland families develop their breeding industry and production to be adaptable with climate change.

The efforts contributed to pull the poverty rate down to 10.36% as of late 2017, a reduction of 2.18% compared to early 2017./.

Compiled by BTA