Leaders of the Vietnam National Textile and Garment Group visit a stall at the festival (Photo: laodong.vn)

The festival is the result of the emulation year 2019 with many creative labor movements throughout the system of grassroots trade unions of the Vietnam Textile and Garment Trade Union. Thereby, more than 1,600 initiatives and improvements have been formed and applied in units, helping to save nearly 40 billion VND.

Of which, 61 initiatives of the garment sector, 35 initiatives of the textile industry have been submitted to a competition of the sector. There are 23 typical individuals awarded creative labor certificates by the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor.

During the festival, various activities are held such as competition to protect topics, solutions, creations and improvements; displaying creative stalls; workers’ market-day; photo exhibition about labor and trade union; and introducing poems and literature of garment and textile workers.

Besides, the program honors outstanding collectives and individuals in the creative labor emulation movement and businesses for garment and textile laborers, especially presenting Nguyen Thi Sen award to outstanding female garment and textile workers./.