Vice State President Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh receives assistance from sponsors to the NFVC. (Photo: VNA)
The information was provided by Hoang Van Tien, NFVC Director, during a press meeting held on April 18th on the occasion of the 25th year since the organization’s establishment (May 4th).

Deputy Minister of Labour, War-Invalids and Social Affairs Dao Hong Lam recognised the great material and spiritual contribution to children by the NFVC.

“The fund acts as a bridge connecting communities, international organizations with children, encouraging the communities to protect, care for and educate children,” said Ms Lam.

The NVFC outstanding programs are a heart program for children which helps give heart surgery to nearly 2,000 children using nearly VND80 billion; and the program providing rehabilitation for disabled children, especially Agent Orange victims.

Since 2001, the VFVC has developed 34 rehabilitation centres across 24 localities, benefiting over 23,000 children with a capital of over VND36 billion.

Since 2000, it has given long-term sponsorship to over 1,000 children with a capital of VND6.6 billion, which helps the children continue their education.

According to the NVFC Director Tien, in the future, the organization will give priority to providing long-term assistance for the children so that they can continue to go to school and gain further development.

Besides existing programs, the NFVC will focus on building schools for highlands, border and island children, and carry out an eye care program for children at school.

From now until 2020, it will strive to mobilise VND80 billion in order to assist 55,000 disadvantaged children each year./.

Compiled by BTA