Lasting until August 13th, diverse activities will be carried out across 24 districts in Ho Chi Minh city, some localities in the southern region, the Central Highlands, Tho Chu island in Kien Giang province and Laos.

Volunteers at the launch ceremony

The activities will focus on developing advanced urban lifestyle, protecting the environment, adapting to climate change, carrying out payment of gratitude deeds, joining the program on building new style rural areas, assisting children, transferring agricultural technology, and helping address socio-economic development problems at localities.

Volunteers help clean up the environment in a channel in Ho Chi Minh city’s Hoc Mon district.

Accordingly, the campaign will strive to build 50 advanced urban alleys, 5 apartment buildings and at least 50 charitable houses; upgrade 40 kilometres of rural roads and 5 kilometres of urban roads; construct 10 rural bridges; upgrade 7 channels; and carry out 6 water refinery constructions.

Armed forces clear up rubbish in Hoc Mon district

BTA (Photos: VNA)