Chairwoman of the city People’s Council Nguyen Thi Quyet Tam presents gifts to cadres and soldiers on Song Tu Tay island. (Photo: HNMO)
Accordingly, essential goods such as water refining machines, trucks, medical equipment and medicine, fertilizer, seedlings, food, sports equipment and other recreation devices, were presented to people and soldiers on Song Tu Tay, Da Nam, Nam Yet, Sinh Ton Dong, Phan Vinh, Len Dao, Da Dong C, Toc Tan B, Da Thi and Truong Sa Lon islands, and the DK1 frame-house.

In particular, the delegation presented VND10 billion, of a package worth VND38 billion, to build the multifunctional cultural house on Da Nam Island; and VND7 billion to support the building of constructions and give presents to navy forces as well as soldiers on visited islands and frame-houses.

Commemorative ceremonies were held by the delegation on Spratly islands and DK1 frame-house to commemorate navy cadres and soldiers who sacrificed themselves protecting the nation’s sovereignty./.

Compiled by BTA