The archival exhibition “Dien Bien Phu – a golden epic” shows 150 documents, images and exhibits of Vietnam and France.

President Ho Chi Minh chaired the meeting to discuss the Dien Bien Phu campaign on December 1953. 

The High Command met to work out plans for the campaign in early 1954.

Soldiers operated to the northwest in 1954.

105mm cannons weighing over 2 tons were pulled through rocky mountain passes to be set in position.

Soldiers talked before the fight.

Medical staff saved wounded soldiers.

The victory flag on Muong Thanh Bridge

Vietnamese soldiers occupied a French tank and all the French soldiers surrendered.

The victory flag flying on top of the bunker of French General De Castries on May 7th, 1954.

General De Castries and commanders were arrested.

Muong Thanh center after liberation
BTA (Photos: VnExpress)