At the signing ceremony (Photo: PANO)
The program will focus on educating and raising women’s awareness of social and humanitarian policies of the Party, the international humanitarian law and the gender equality law; mobilizing resources for humanitarian constructions; realizing social welfare work; and assisting women boost production and stabilize their lives.

Accordingly, the program encampasses movements and activities like building humanitarian houses; providing cows to women; assisting centres for lonely elderly, disabled people and Agent Orange victims; caring for poor people and poor women and boosting the movement “Tet for the poor and AO victims”; and increasing payment of gratitude activities by presenting savings books and caring for Vietnamese heroic mothers, seeking missing at war, and providing production loans for revolutionary contributors’ families.

Additionally, the message program assisting poor women in border areas, which is being held from March 7th to May 6th, will contribute VND20,000 for each message texting BC to 1409. Actress Nha Phuong became the ambassador of the program.

According to the organizers, as of April 16th, the program received nearly VND784 million. The money will be used for production loans for extremely disadvantaged women’s families in Phong Nam commune, Trung Khanh district, Cao Bang province/.

Compiled by BTA