At Mong Cai border gate

Quang Ninh has been identified as the locality at the highest risk of the spread of acute pneumonia infection as a result of the novel coronavirus from China as the locality shares a long border with the northern neighbour.

Especially, the province has had several trade and tourism exchange activities by road, air, and water routes over the Lunar New Year period.

As a means of preventing the risk of infection spreading, the first few days of the Lunar New Year has seen the province conduct medical quarantines across all border gates for approximately 33,500 people, whilst strictly monitoring over 60 cases and 10 suspected samples of influenza and severe pneumonia.

With these thorough prevention methods, no cases of pneumonia related to the novel coronavirus strain have so far been recorded in the province.

During an emergency meeting held on January 28th, director of Quang Ninh Department of Health Nguyen Trong Dien stated that the local health sector has been strengthening preventive measures in a bid to combat the novel coronavirus.

This includes maintaining quarantines at border gates, ports, airports, and tightening controls over people who enter Quang Ninh.

Moreover, chemicals, medicine, and extra facilities have been made ready in order to prepare for any worst case scenarios with the disease threatening to reach the wider community.

In addition, the provincial Department of Tourism has also been keeping close tabs on travel agencies that take visitors from China, whilst working closely alongside border forces to strictly monitor the travel information given by visitors.

Elsewhere, medical masks have been successfully delivered to visitors at tourism sites throughout the province.

Despite the number of people passing through the Mong Cai border gate witnessing a sharp decrease, an influx of travelers have been entering Quang Ninh from many other localities during the course of the festive season.

Nguyen Xuan Ky, Secretary of Quang Ninh Provincial Party Committee, called on relevant units to remain on high alert so they are ready tackle any cases of acute pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus, whilst also raising public awareness about preventive measures against the disease.

Furthermore, local residents must also be updated about any developments occurring with the epidemic./.