Teams received certificates of merit for their significant contributions to the event. (Photo:

Preparations for the summit week were carried out comprehensively in all fields, creating spacious and clean landscapes. Environmental hygiene work was ensured; commercial civilization, food hygiene and safety, and disease prevention were implemented seriously; social security before, during and after the event were ensured absolutely.

Police, military, border guard forces closely coordinated together to patrol and control security and safety around areas where delegates stayed and for activities of delegations, and timely solved issues related to security and order.

The district mobilized all human resources and took advantage of organs, units, enterprises and people to fulfil missions to serve APEC 2017 Summit Week, especially repairing damages of Storm No 12 before the opening ceremony of the political event.

On this occasion, 27 teams were presented certificates of merit of Chairman of the district People’s Committee for their excellent work during the summit week./.