Its operation contributes to sharing capacity with the fishing port in Phuoc Tinh commune, the commune with the largest fishing vessels of the country.

The fishing port is oriented to become a wholesales fisheries market of the locality and the region in the future.

It can receive 12 fishing vessels at the same time for loading and unloading fisheries; offer anchor for vessels up to 500 horsepower; and provide shelter for 500 vessels to avoid storms.

After long voyages….

… the vessels come to the port for fuel and for ice….

… for repairing fishing equipment.

Built on an area of over 30,000 square meters, with the length of 381 meters…

… the port has different zones for fishing services such as a 150 metre-long cage house for unloading fisheries, 19 fisheries trading stations, and 39 kiosks.

Navy forces help fishermen with free medical treatment…

… and disseminate laws to vessel owners and boatmen.
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